Friday, January 8, 2010

January Movie Releases

Okay, I'm going to see if I can do this for months other than "Oscar buzz" season. Here are the January releases. This is the season when many studios "take out the trash," as it were. There's not too much quality, perhaps because most of the big award-grabbing November/December releases are still trickling out to the rest of the country and people are seeing them instead. Or Avatar for the hundredth time. :) Some of these have piqued my interest, though.


Bitch Slap - Ho, yeah. So looking forward to this. YES, I'M SERIOUS!

Crazy On the Outside - Directed by and starring Tim Allen. No way, man.

Daybreakers - I'm intrigued by the concept of a vampire-dominant world where humans are legitimately harvested for blood. I like the cast as well. My only hesitation is that the directors don't have much of a resume, and their last movie was 2003's <i>Undead</i>, a tepid little Kiwi zombie comedy that played BNAT 5. Still, I'll probably see it.

Leap Year - Everything in my mind, body, and soul is telling me not to see this. So many rom-com cliches, just in the trailer. I also can't stand the idea of yet another movie chick who makes her whole life revolve around getting married. But ... it's Matthew Goode. With a goatee. And an Irish accent. Oh, alright. But only at the cheap show before noon.

Wonderful World - I love Matthew Broderick, but I'm not sure I can take a depressing misanthropic movie like this right now. Plus, the script sounds loaded with way too much pop self-reality.

Youth In Revolt - Part of me longs to see this very much, even though one-half of Michael Cera's performance is the now stock "Michael Cera character." The trailers have been hysterical, and it looks like something genuinely original. However, this is yet another story about teens who are smarter than the adults. I mean, the girl is a huge fan of Jean-Paul Belmondo, for crying out loud. Oh, who am I kidding - that's pretty freakin' awesome right there.


The Book of Eli - The Hughes brothers' first movie since 2001's From Hell. Also, in addition to Denzel Washington, it also features Sirius Black, Dumbledore, and Madame Maxime. And TOM WAITS. I'm there.

Chance Pe Dance - Never heard of it, and I can't find anything about it that makes me want to see it.

Fish Tank - (only in NY, but I think it's already open in the UK) A festival darling this past year, though I can't help seeing the trailer and seeing "Chavtastic: The Movie." However, people who've seen it do seem to love it. AND it has my other British boyfriend Michael Fassbender (Hicox, from Inglourious Basterds). I'd like to try and see this.

The Lovely Bones - Finally, the rest of the country can slap eyeballs on this beauty. See my BNAT review for more details about this one. And don't listen to the bad reviews. The haters can suck it.

The Spy Next Door - *sigh* I miss old-school Jackie Chan. No way on earth I'm seeing this.


Extraordinary Measures - Probably not my top priority, but I'm certainly interested. The story is quite compelling, and it's nice to see Harrison Ford in a dramatic role again. Also nice to see Brendan Fraser not playing silly.

Legion - They had me at the evil old lady in the trailer. "Your baby - it's gonna burn!" YOU GO, GRANDMA!

The Tooth Fairy - I'd rather eat my own face.

To Save a Life - Someday, one of these mega-churches that makes films will make a movie that provokes reactions stronger than "Well, it's pretty good ... for a Christian movie." This doesn't look like that movie.


Edge of Darkness - I'm sorry. I know how people feel about him and that this is about the sixth movie with this plot in the last year or so. But Mel Gibson is acting in movies again. I have to go, even if the BAH-ston accent is atrocious.

When In Rome - What ever happened to that rumored Veronica Mars movie? *pouts* Kristen Bell is literally the only reason I'd go to see this. I'd much rather watch Roman Holiday or Only You for my Italian rom-com fix.

Bitch Slap
The Book of Eli
The Lovely Bones
The Edge of Darkness

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  1. Oh, I think I'm going to have to see 'When In Rome'. Italian-set rom-coms are my weakness, to the point where I even (begrudgingly) enjoyed the Lizzie McGuire movie.