Sunday, January 17, 2010

Liveblogging the Golden Globes

I do it every year, and I plan to do it again, but I won't do it here, for two reasons:

1) I can't hide the bulk of the text here (though I probably could if I knew more about html), and it will get way too long for one post.

2) I've always done it on LiveJournal and it's just easier. And when you're trying to enjoy the show while simultaneously trying to record your thoughts for "posterity," easier is always better.

So if you want to read my running blather-a-thon, click here.

So excited! Good luck to everyone nominated!

Oh, and by the way ... many, many critics and journalists have bewailed what a sham the Globes are and how incredibly bad they are at predicting who actually goes on to win Oscars. I won't argue either of those points, but I still think they're incredibly significant as a precursor. Forget the actual awards. When the nominations for the Golden Globes are announced, the Oscar race begins to take a definite shape. If someone is not nominated for a Golden Globe, it's not likely they'll show up on the Oscar nominee list (though there are always a few wild cards). What the Golden Globes do is affect the conversation. The Oscar season is about way more than the movies. It's about getting out there and talking to people and making yourself visible, and there's no better venue before the Oscars to do that than the Globes. And something as seemingly small as a heartfelt (or phony) acceptance speech can affect the trajectory of the race.

So yeah, maybe they're a load of crap. But they're still important, I say.

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