Thursday, October 22, 2009

Suck It, Day 22 - My Best Friend is a Vampire

Before he was Greg House's best friend, before he was even a member of the Dead Poets Society, Robert Sean Leonard was a teenage vampire.

My Best Friend is a Vampire

Jeremy Capello is your average high school kid. Daydreaming about girls, shooting the crap with his best friend Ralph, etc. Until he delivers a bag of groceries to an abandoned old house in the neighborhood, where a beautiful woman just moved in. She invites Jeremy back, and Jeremy is thinking he's really got it going on. His friend encourages him to go, even though he ultimately has some misgivings, and the woman turns Jeremy into a vampire.

This is a movie that starts out pretty cool. There's some excellent location shooting in Houston, TX. And I like the idea of vampirism as simply another kind of lifestyle, one that has some serious adjustments. I can even tolerate the heavy-handed metaphor with the vampire hunters persecuting something they don't understand. The movie falls apart in the end, though, and the last scenes are especially painful.

If you're a fan of RSL, though, the first half is pretty watchable. This isn't a ground breaker, but it's kind of fun in its own way.

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