Monday, December 28, 2009

And now The Brood is being remade?

I know hating on remakes is a popular pastime, but fer cryin' out loud. The Brood? REALLY? I hate to break it to the guy at FilmJunk - especially as there's like zero chance he'll ever see this - but just because supposedly not a lot of people have seen the original does not give a good excuse to remake one of the few truly original films left that hasn't been defiled by the Remake Machine.

Yes, remakes can be good, but I think we all know that good remakes are the exception to the rule. For every Cape Fear there's at least a dozen pieces of caca like the 2006 Wicker Man. And, as is pointed out in the article, it's getting so that someone can actually make their entire career out of nothing but remaking other people's films. I guess that's good enough for some people, but I can't imagine being creatively satisfied by such work. Rather like spending your whole life as an Elvis impersonator.

If you like horror movies, you should do yourself the favor of seeking out David Cronenberg's original 1979 film The Brood. It's one of his early films, but one that (along with Rabid and his first feature Shivers) established him as the king of "body horror." The concept is like nothing you've ever seen, the camera work stunning, and the infamous birth scene one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen. I mean, "ewwwww!" with a capital "gaaaaaaah!"

The director attached is Breck Eisner, son of former Disney chief Michael, and the only major film he's made is the McConaughey vehicle Sahara (not to EVER be confused with the amazing 1943 WW2 film Sahara, starring Humphrey Bogart). And he directed the yet-to-be-released The Crazies, yet another remake of a horror classic by a horror maestro. So yeah, I might have a leg dangling over on the side of optimism, but the rest of me is in the "Why, God, why?!" camp.

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