Thursday, December 17, 2009

BNAT 11 - [VINTAGE] Centipede Horror

So, at this point we were coming to that part of the evening where it's just too hard to stay completely alert and awake, and a lot of times the movies don't help. Next up was a movie we were told had been banned because it was so horrifically gross.

Centipede Horror

I think I was starting to hallucinate at this point, so I may not remember precisely what this film was about. I remember there was a young woman who was begging her brother to be allowed to take a trip with her friend to Southeast Asia, and the brother was very reluctant because apparently due to something with their grandfather they are not supposed to go to Southeast Asia ever. As it's going to be a short trip, however, he relents, on the condition that she wear a special talisman for protection.

One day of their trip, however, the girl takes the talisman off. So of course she and her friend get trapped in the woods with a bunch of centipedes and die. The brother goes to her sick bed and eventually has to make the funeral arrangements, and we find out more about why they were not supposed to go to Southeast Asia ever. Their grandfather had killed his wife and his mistress and started a fire to cover it up (which leads to a shot I absolutely did not need to see of a charred baby). Some weird magician put a curse on their grandfather and his family, which is why the current generation is having so much trouble traveling to Southeast Asia. Or something. Honestly, there's not much in this movie that makes a lot of sense.

There is a very disturbing ritual where a woman vomits up centipedes and a bloody goo. And in the film's interminable climax, two dueling magicians duke it out for the souls of our surviving heroes, one using hordes of trained centipedes (some of which are, once again, vomited up by a woman) and the other with flaming zombie chickens. No, I'm not kidding. And I'm fairly certain I did not hallucinate it.

Maybe the most disturbing thing about this movie was that, to my own personal horror, I was neither as terribly squicked by it as everyone else seemed to be nor as grossed out myself as I thought I should be.

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